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For those of you not familiar with TweetDeck, this is an online tool meant to help users organize, monitor and schedule updates on Twitter. Instead of using Twitter for just updating, one can use TweetDeck to schedule Tweets and closely monitor discussions in real time. In order to use TweetDeck, you need to have a Twitter account and also a TweetDeck one (this is done in a matter of minutes).

TweetDeck has apps for both desktop and mobile phones so it is a handy and quick work alternative for social media managers who want to constantly be up to speed with what is happening on their corporate Twitter feed and what the conversations are out there on the social platform. Usually one can use TweetDeck to create special feeds to see your Twitter wall, your interactions, to schedule posts and to monitor certain key words, accounts or hashtags.

Now, with this new ability, we can also take control of our Twitter feeds and create customized ones which would feature only the information we want to put in there. Did I lost you?  Let’s take it one step at a time:

Let’s say we have a campaign, project or event we are coordinating or are interested in. We would want to monitor what goes on on Twitter about it, what the others are saying about that particular thing. So we turn to TweetDeck to create some feeds which will show us who is talking about that particular topic and what they are saying. But, say we want to go a step further and actually build our own feed with only the information we consider relevant (i.e. certain discussions)? Then we turn to these new custome timelines which allow us to control what tweets we add to our feed. This means that at the end of the day we will be able to use this custome timeline for reporting or for emphasizing certain discussions.

All we need to do to create this timeline is to go to the left hand side menu and click on the “+” sign, which will trigger TweetDeck to prompt a large menu from which we choose what we want to have displayed – in our case, the Custom Timeline (circled below). Then, slowly, we start building our timeline by dragging the tweets we want to include in our specially create feed. We can also name our feed and add some description to it.

Once finalized, we can share it on Twitter or embed it on our website or blog for everyone else to see. There is also the option to see custom timelines of other Twitter users.

Useful? We would think so – we can look at it as monitoring and storing tweets and Twitter accounts of people that are interested in a certain topic and with whom we would want to engage at a certain point. It can help us create a more out-of-the-box type of report for our bosses and also it can allow us to better track and control conversations  that go on on Twitter.

If you get confused, everytime you go into TweetDeck it will prompt a tutorial which will teach you what you need to know to use the new ability.

Interesting right? If you do use it let us know what you thought!

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