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The Forrester Research report, Facebook news and Neal Schaffer’s opinion

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Today we invited Maria Borteanu to tell us more about the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms and what is Neal Schaffer’s view on the matter. Maria is one of the organisers of a conference which brings Neal to Bucharest in February, and is one of the partners of the event.  

Since last year, marketing professionals have been in high alert due to the reduction in organic reach of the promotional posts of brands, just one of the changes announced by Facebook to its algorithms.

As a result of Facebook’s announcement, Forrester Research published in November 2014 a report called ‘Social Relationship Strategies That Work’ , which advised professionals to stop using Facebook if they wish to build meaningful social media connections with their clients. At the time, Facebook did not comment on the findings of the report nor on their claim.

Read Neal Schaffer’s opinion on the matter [RO].

Neal is a reputed social media speaker, author and creator of a successful platform for resources about digital communication for business  Maximise Your Social, professor at ‘Rutgers University Mini Social Media MBA Programme’. Neal is also amongst the top 5 sales influencers and amongst the top 50 most powerful social media influencers, according by a Forbes Top. 

Neal is coming to Bucharest, Romania on February 25 for a conference and workshop called ‘Maximizing Social Media for Professionals and Businesses‘. DigitalDiplomacy is one of the partners of the event.

Maria Borteanu

Project Lead
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Digital Experts Hub

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