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Here are some of the most interesting news from the world of digital diplomacy: CIA started communicating on Twitter through a memorable first tweet, the Romanian Ministry for Regional Development lanched the first interactive movie about the impact of one the operational programs (worth watching!) and it appears that more and more police departments and institutions in the US use special monitoring programs to track social networks in an attempt to prevent or stop criminal acts.

CIA started using Twitter

On Friday June 6, Twitter blew up when the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (@CIA) sent out a priceless first tweet. The tweet humored many people by stating that they couldn’t confirm nor deny that it was their first tweet. The tweet became instantly viral and the new twitter account gained over 80,000 followers within the first hour and more than half a million followers on its second day. It now has more than 630,000 followers. The agency’s first tweet was retweeted it more than 250,000 times by Saturday morning and favorite more than 100,000 times.

ciaThe CIA is currently following only 25 twitter accounts to include the FBI, Homeland Security, The Library of Congress, military branches of the United States, among others. Prior to its debut on Twitter, The CIA joined Facebook on June 1. The CIA director said that it will also post career opportunities, information on its mysterious museum, and news, along with other online resources. It will also tweet updates on its World Factbook, which contains countries and territories around the world, leaders, and information on populations, history, geography, maps and other important information. In comparison to other government agencies, the CIA has been a late adopter of social networks. Unlike the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security joined Twitter in July of 2008, and the FBI joined the same year in November, with the Department of Defense only joining a year later.

Traveler through the Regio world – the first interactive movie about the impact of a Romanian operational program!

The Management Authority of Regio launched on 25 June 2014 the first interactive movie about the progress and impact of a Romanian operational program. The movie presents, in 130 minutes, the stories of 14 projects financed through the 5 major EU axes. The movie was created by the Millo Simulov and his team and is very interesting – we can see in an interactive way how exactly the Regio program contributed to Romania’s development in 5 key areas (City, Roads, People, Business, Leisure). Inforegio has a dynamic Facebook page with more than 20,000 fans, where you can find useful information about the activities which take place within the program. The video clip can be accessed on the Inforegio website and I really invite you to view it, it is interestingly build, has short episodes (max 2 minutes) and is available in both Romanian and English.

The European Commission chose its winners for the #Talkdigital blogging competition

I was recently telling you about a blogging competition organized by the European Commission with the aim to have contributions about how to improve institutional communication, especially online communication. Last week, the Commission announced its winners – you may find the winning entries on the EC’s official blog. Amongst the main ideas presented by the winners there is a permanent digital helpdesk service for the EU, a network of European blogs to connect and support young journalists or an EU crowd sourcing platform which would host projects looking for EU funding.

Conference – Simulation for Young People from Romania and the Republic of Moldova

The Center for European Policy Evaluation (C.E.P.E.) and JEF Moldova are organizing today, 4 July 2014, an event called Policy…Making Of, financed by the European Commission through the Youth in Action program. The key participants will be 18 youngsters from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, who will simulate the debate of a public policy project around a pressing issue – unemployment. The goal of the Policy…Making Of project is to offer a suitable context for debate, dialog and education in which young Romanians and Moldovan citizens can get more familiar with the process of formulating public policies and identifying viable solutions to large scale issues.

Social media monitoring to identify possible criminal acts

Ahead of the 2014 Boston Marathon, the local police authorities chose to use Dataminr, a software which sorts through millions of tweets for clues about major events or emerging threats, flagging mentions of everything from fires to suspicious packages and sending real-time alerts to customers. Apparently, Dataminr has been quietly working with public safety officials in Boston and three other cities with the aim of detecting potential criminal or terrorist activity bubbling up on Twitter before it happens.

Dataminr is one of several companies marketing such products to police departments. According to Huffington Post, a company called BrightPlanet is selling a tool called Blue Jay that allows law enforcement officers to listen to what gang members say on Twitter and track their movements. The FBI is also building its own application to monitor social media posts for words like “bomb,” “suspicious package” and “white powder.”

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