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I recently visited Amsterdam and I discovered a great mobile app which helped me visit the main attractions, benefit from the best deals and get the information that I needed as a traveler quickly and efficiently.

The app is called Iamsterdam and is available for both Android and Apple systems. It has a clean and user friendly format, is divided into main areas of information such as Museums, Best deals, Top news, tips and tricks about Amsterdam’s nightlife or ideas about family time in the city.

Iamsterdam is actually the name of the main communication campaign designed to promote the city and its attractions to all visitors. It helps you have access to surface and under-group transport plans and part of it is also available online. For me it was useful because I didn’t have much time at my disposal and needed to find out where the main attractions are and how to build a fast “map” of them.

I was curious to see if we have such apps in Romania, as we have plenty of touristy cities and regions but couldn’t find that many. Sibiu only has an app with the map of the city and its surroundings (available offline as well), Cluj has a “Cluj Bus”, an app built for public transportation – but the users don’t seem to that satisfied with it. Bucharest has several public and taxi transportation apps (“Bucharest Metro”, “Bucharest Bus Stop”, “Bucharest City Guide”) and some others with ideas on how to spend your free time visiting based on tips from the locals (“Bucharest local’s tips“). But, bad English aside, the feedback I read from people who used them isn’t that positive either.

As for national wide touristic apps, one caught my attention. It’s called “Romania traveler’s guide” and its an app created by Leif Petterson, a guidebook author about Romania and a resident here at some point. Passionate about travelling, Leif created this app which contains places to visit across Romania, available for download for 9.71 RON.

Taking a step back from all this, I searched for some data about tourism in Romania. According to the National Institute for Statistics quoted by Ziarul Financiar, the number of tourists who cheched into hotels and pensions in Romania in 2012 increased by 9.3% up to 7,6 million. Out of these, 1.6 million were foreigners. Given the popularity of the mobile apps, the growing coverage of internet across the country and also the absorption of smartphones ((28% of Romanians own a smartphone, more then since Q1 2012), I think some well designed, user-friendly and useful mobile apps dedicated to certain major cities or touristic hubs should be supported by the cityhalls, local authorities, the public transport company or even the Tourism Ministry.

What do you think? Do you know any interesting apps which I might have missed? Please share, interested to get your views.

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