Idea competition to mark 150 years of activity for the Romanian Senate

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The Romanian Senate will celebrate in 2014 150 years of activity and President Crin Antonescu is determined to mark this important event through an idea competition promoted on his official Facebook page. The competition will take place between 6 October-7 November and the prizes seem interesting:  an internship as Mr. Antonescu’s Personal Adviser, a day together with the Senate Speaker and a VIP invitation to the Anniversarry Gala which will take place in 2014.

The projects to be entered in the competition need to include creative ideas as to how the anniversary logo should look like and also a plan of events to celebrate the 150 years in 2014.

There are of course all sorts of interesting details to bear in mind when designating the logo or the event plan and you can find out all of these details from Mr. Antonescu’s Facebook page.

Remember to send in your applications by 7 November 16:00 to

I think the idea of organizing such a competition and looking for creative and fresh ideas from the younger audience is interesting and welcomed. More so, if the best ideas from the participants will be put into practice and the right credits will be awarded, more so this will be a step forward for the Senate’s communication. But I am puzzled a bit by the audience that organizers have set for their competition. In the regulation book published on Facebook, they point out that “participation is open to all interested parties: communication, PR or media companies, PR or graphic design specialists, students etc”. Surely a PR company or a graphic design specialist will have more experience or resources to enter the competition so 1) there is no fair competition for, say, students or young professionals looking to enter and 2)  why would a PR agency or an experienced professional be interested in internships or a gala invitation..  What do you think?

Nevertheless, I encourage you to enter the competition, I think it’s a great opportunity to work in a very interesting environment and best of luck to all who are thinking of participating! And I really hope the contest will be a success and the organizers will receive many good ideas to use and implement!

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