Oradea City Hall launched a mobile application for complaints

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Oradea City Report is a free application for smartphones or tablets, recently launched by the City Hall, which allows citizens to send notifications and complaints to the institution or operators of local public services, such as the water company, the transport company, the heating company, the local police etc.

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This is the first in a series of three applications, the launch of the other two being scheduled for the coming months. Oradea City App will contain useful information about the city and Oradea Mobile Pay will allows payment of taxes to the local budget, as well as fines.
Eduard Florea, Oradea’s city manager, said in the press conference for the launch that these applications aim at increasing the speed of communication between public institutions and citizens, especially in emergency situations, and the increase of citizen’s involvement in the community’s issues, thus determining also an increasing  in people’s confidence in the local administration.

More details on the website of Oradea City Hall (Romanian).

We salute the initiative of the Oradea City Hall and we hope many more such projects to appear across Romania!

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