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The Romanian Finance Ministry launched the “Virtual Public Space” app

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The stuffy bureacracy is one of the main causes for criticism and headache for the tax payers around the world, and the Romanians make no exception. Determined to facilitate the online communication between the public authorities and the citizens, the Romanian Finance Ministry made a very interesting first step towards the digitisation of the fiscal system and launched an online application called the Virtual Private Space. This is a digital guide through which individuals will be able to access their fiscal statements and commitments, the financial obligations and other useful fiscal information.

The application can be accessed here and is, for now, in a beta stage, accessible only to individuals and not legal personas, and only to those individuals living in Bucharest or Ilfov regions. However, there are plans to develop it further and extent it not only to the national level, as it should be, but also make it available to commercial entities as well.


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