Romania’s MEP elections candidates on Twitter (II)

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We continue the series of articles that take a look at the Twitter activity of the candidates of Romanian parties in the European Parliament elections, with those of the Liberal National Party (PNL). On PNL’s list there are 10 candidates, and at a simple search we have identified that seven of them have Twitter accounts, and that most are relatively active. The table below gives a clear overview of their Twitter presence:

MEP candidate Username  Followers Following Tweets
Norica Nicolai @Norica_Nicolai 5 18 0
Adina Vălean @AdinaValean 567 100 90
Ramona Mănescu  –
Cristian Buşoi @Cristian_Busoi 639 86 96
Renate Weber @renateweber 1368 147 947
Eduard Hellvig @EduardHellvig1 370 78 256
 Mihai Ţurcanu  –
Claudia Benchescu @ClauBenchescu 105 21 556
Romeo Stavarache @romeostavarache 19 14 3
Andrei Muraru
* 06.04.2014

The table shows that Renate Weber is by far the most followed and most active Liberal candidate on Twitter. By comparison, Norica Nicolai has had no activity so far on her Twitter account and Romeo Stavarache suspended its use in 2010. We will continue soon with short presentations for the other parties.

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