Romania’s MEP elections candidates on Twitter (III)

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The campaign for this year’s European elections is well under way also and we believe it is interesting to continue looking at how the Romanian candidates are using new media to promote their programs and candidacies.

From the Democrat Liberal Party, by analysing the below table, we observe that the four main candidates as present on Twitter.

MEP candidate Username  Followers Following Tweets
Theodor Stolojan @TheodorStolojan 30 32 4
Monica Macovei @MonicaMacovei1 838 183 398
Traian Ungureanu @TraianUngureanu 501 253 333
Marian Marinescu @MarianMarinescu 795 439 989
Daniel Buda  –
Onofrei Orest  –
* 06.05.2014
Of them, Mrs. Monica Macovei has the most followers, followed closely by Mr. Marian Marinescu, who is the most active and well connected candidate, as he is following nearly 1000 accounts.
In paralel, Mr. Theodor Stolojan has tweeted only four times since last year.

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