Romania’s MEP elections candidates on Twitter (V)

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The next article in this series will present briefly the presence on Twitter of the candidates in the European Elections of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) .

The table below shows that from the main candidates of UDMR only two have accounts on this social network. Mrs. Csilla Hegedus is active, but less connected to other accounts and with a small number of followers.

MEP candidate Username  Followers Following Tweets
Iuliu Winkler  –
Csaba Sogor  –
Vincze Loránt @vinczelorant 82 155 12
Csilla Hegedus @hegeduscsilla 55 34 980
Antal Istvan Lorant  –
Peter Ferenc  –
* 06.05.2014

Moreover, even if Mr. Vincze Lorant is less active, he is better connected and followed by a greater number of accounts.



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