Smartphone app to promote the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

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The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta (Maramures) is one of the most important touristic attractions in Romania, part of the UNESCO heritage and unique in the world because of the colourful grave stones and designs.

A new phone app will be launched next month to promote this destination. The app was created by the county tourism center, MaramuresInfo Turism. with the goal of promoting the region and informing tourists about all attractions in Sapanta. The app wil be available for free.

You can find out more about the application and the idea behind its creating in the article from

We are firm believers that such apps are welcome and can benefit the Romanian touristic industry. Recently we analysed the importance of online communicationfor tourism and also the existence (or lack of) smartphone apps available to Romanian and foreign tourists who wish to explore Romania. We will focus more on this topic in the coming posts and we strongly advise the Romanian authorities to start using the digital tools to promote Romania’s potential!

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