Social media handbook for the public administration in Romania

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Since the launch of the project last year we spoke about the importance of having a strategic vision and a coordinated approach to the communication of public institutions on social networks. This year we have turned our suggestion into a working document, thus meeting the needs of communication people across the Romanian public administration, a communication handbook for four of the mast  popular social networks now among both domestic and external audiences: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

This project took shape in partnership with the Chancery of the Prime Minister of Romania, through the Department of Online Services and Design, whose members we thank for supporting the modernization of the Romanian public administration.

We consider this handbook a starting point, a free resource of practical information for the official institutional communication on social networks, starting from basic elements and continuing to more advanced aspects.

There are already examples of central or local institutions in the country that have not only embraced this new form of communication, but which are communicating effectively and in a adapted manner to their specific institutional profile and to their target audiences.

We are convinces that through access to information, through openness from individuals in communication departments and the leaders of their institutions, through training, couples with enthusiasm and a lot of practice, each public institution in Romania can become a model of good practice for online communication.

The handbook can be accessed in full here.

And for more information, trainings or presentations, please contact us at:

Andra – andra@digitaldiplomacy.ro


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