Friday’s digital diplomacy news

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This week was as busy as always and full of important events and interesting articles in the field of digital diplomacy. Here are a few:

  • We read a very interesting analysis done by Matthias Luefkens (@luefkens) and Marek Zaremba-Pike (@marekzp) that looks at how the European Parliament, one of the most prolific public institutions on Twitter, tweets and the impact that it has.
  • You might be interested to follow online a conference that Austria will be organising next week,  entitled “Shaping the Digital Environment – Ensuring our Rights on the Internet”. Further information can be found here.
  • We found a list of mobile applications put together by Kevin Barta (@Kevin_Barta) that can be used for digital diplomacy.
  • Another very useful list is that of Governments & foreign ministries on YouTube.
  • Wondered why social media are so important to the US? Check out this article for some insights.

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