Friday’s digital diplomacy news

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Every second something interesting in happening in the world of digital diplomacy. Here are a few of the most interesting links and facts of this week:

  • France’s presence on Twitter is growing and this can be easily seen in the Twitter board advertised this week by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs @francediplo_EN.
  • UK Foreign Secretary William Hague @WilliamJHague visited Twitter’s Washington, D.C. office on February 26th to discuss digital diplomacy and social media, and held a Q&A on foreign policy using #AskFS. Here you can see the timeline of the discussions.
  • US Ambassador to the  UN Samantha Power hosted a Q&A on her new Facebook page on February 24, on the situation and developments of diverse crises around the world. You can access the session here.
  • Sochi Olympics has ended, but we can see now how leaders tweeted about the Olympics, in this storify board by @Twiplomacy.
  • Interested in knowing who to follow on Twitter? Well, here are some good lists presented by Post Planner, to which we add the Twiplomacy ones.
  • We read an interesting article on how the US State Department Public Diplomacy is adapting to the development of mobile technology, written by @EricaMalouf for PBS. Check it out here.

If you have other events or articles that you believe should be included, send us the link and the motivation and we will add it.

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