Infographics – how complex data can become attractive

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The February meeting of the DigiGov networking club had a special and particularly useful topic of discussion for public institutions in Romania. This time we talked about “Data Visualisation”, a concept that designates the visual representation of data in a concise format and in an efficient manner.

The guest who presented this field, with focus on infographics as a subset of data visualisation was Gabriel Frăsineanu, Managing Partner Krogen Creative Studios.

Gabriel revealed the main reasons why the transposition of data in a visual format is a more effective dissemination of complex information that can be difficult to decipher not only for the general public without specific knowledge in the respective fields, but also for  partners in project or even for own colleagues / leaders in the institution. And infographics can be both attractive and spectacular through its forms: static infographics, video infographics, interactive infographics etc.

Examples of the use of infographics exist also from the public sector in Romania, but there great potential for projects using in this activity. For more information on this topic, please contact us here.

We thank American Corner Bucharest for supporting and hosting this month’s edition!

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