The jewel of this year’s Webstock conference

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This year’s Webstock Conference was much awaited for the interesting presentations and discussions, but mostly for the Award Ceremony. :) We were also anxiously looking forward to the announcement of the winners, despite our realistic expectations considering the competition in our section. The prizes were given to some of the most interesting and appreciated online campaigns, projects, initiatives or applications launched in the last year…and still, there was only one that caught our attention.

The iPad application SARTISS developed by the Kolectiv Studio agency won first place in the Innovation Section. The app appeared, according to the Director of the Oradea Emergency Clinic Hospital, from the need to improve the communication between a patient’s relatives and the medical staff, especially during emergency situations. And Kolectiv Studio came up with a simple solution – connecting them online.

How does it work? According to the description,  the application has access to the medical facility’s data base and generates a QR code once a patient is admitted, based on which the patient’s relatives can monitor its progress.

Considering that our project,, advocates for the importance of online communication performed by public institutions, as well as for the digitalization of public sector services, including in the medical system, – as we have previously mentioned in our article– we  believe this initiative to be commendable and we hope it will be implemented not only in public medical facilities, but also in the private sector.

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