Job openings in the Romanian public sector

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In case you are interested and searching for job offers in the Romanian public sector, you may be glad to head that you don’t have to search for these on each and every public institution’s website any more. This is because the Government launched last year a dedicated portal for public sector jobs, called represents a unique point of contact for all public sector jobs available at one given time in Romania. It is also a proof of respecting the transparency principle towards the citizens and towards the civil society.

The portal represents a continuation of the website launched in 2012 and coordinated by Cristian Botan, presently an adviser for transparency in the Romanian Government. The project was nominated at the Open Government Partnership Summit in London in October 2013 as one of the most successful projects at an international level regarding a more transparent Government, more precisely in the fight against corruption and lack of transparency in the public sector recruitment.

You also have the possibility of subscribing to a monthly newsletter which will offer you a structured and organized snapshot of the job offers available and the conditions to apply.

Inspired by the job sections created by Cristi Manafu or Sabina Cornovac, we decided to start on a special section dedicated to the online tools citizens can take advantage of to research and apply for public sector jobs or internships. We are looking forward to suggestions from you as well!

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