How does Romania respond to Russia’s tweets

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Several hours ago, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tweeted from both his official Twitter accounts (@DRogozin – English tweets & @Rogozin – Russian tweets):

rogozin_twitterThe Russian Deputy PM was in an official visit to Tiraspol, the capital of the Moldavian separatist region of Transnistria, to attend the ceremonies which mark the Victory Day.

When time came for the official to leave, he realized that Romania closed its air space and so his plane cannot transit it on his way back to Russia. So Mr. Rogozin turned to Twitter to post a message about his dissatisfaction towards the situation “Upon the US request Romania has closed its air space for my plane. Ukraine doesn’t allow me to pass through again. Next time I’ll fly on board TU-160”

The tweet, posted 4 hours ago, prompted an official reaction from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also used their official Twitter account to acknowledge the tweet which they consider as “unacceptable” and to announce that they already asked for an “official clarification” from the Russian MFA.

Screenshot_MFA_RO_TwitterA while ago, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister turned to Twitter again to announce that he has decided to “fly out despite the ban”. However, he was forced to turn back to Moldova according to a more recent tweet.

rogozin_2Leaving aside the political statements and the somewhat complicated regional context, it is worth noting that Twitter is becoming more and more the go-to tool for politicians and leaders to express views, opinions and comments. The fact that the Romanian MFA reacted so promptly to the tweet indicates on one side that they are monitoring the online activity of high ranking officials and, on the other side, that they are considering these online tools are trustworthy sources of information.


The Deputy Prime Minister continued the series of statements on Twitter regarding Romania. Amongst others, he said Russia will soon explain who Romania is and what it thinks about us. Also, he said Russia is looking forward to a visit by the Romanian and Moldavian governmental delegation in Moscow.

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Screenshot 2014-05-11 19.17.31

The last 2 tweets generated hundreds of comments from both Romanians and other nationalities, most of them negative towards Mr. Rogozin and Russia.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has not posted any subsequent tweets regarding Mr. Rogozin’s statements, but on the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova has been identified a tweet inviting users to read the official press release of the institution regarding the private visit of the Russian Deputy PM in Moldova.

Screenshot 2014-05-11 19.20.32


It will be interesting to see Russia’s official reaction.

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