Romania’s MEP elections candidates on Twitter (IV)

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We continue our series of articles that quantitatively analyze the presence on Twitter of Romanian candidates for the European Parliament with that of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

Mos of the party candidates have accounts on this social network, and from the table below we can see that Mr. Siegfried Muresan is the most watched, the most connected and most active candidate with almost 3000 posts so far. Mr. Theodor Baconschi follows him closely in terms of the number of tweets, but his account is not public, the first one I met for a politician.

MEP candidate Username  Followers Following Tweets
Cristian Preda @CDPreda 188 31 302
Siegfried Muresan @SMuresan 1672 1972 2730
Teodor Baconschi @baconschi 207 180 2392
Cristian Petrescu @petrescu_cristi 6 5 2
Petru Daniel Funeriu @DPFuneriu 69 22 4
Rosu Carmen-Mariana  –
Ruxandra Dragomir  –
Alexandru Leșco  –
* 06.05.2014

In comparison, Mr. Funeriu has only four messages since the account has been activated, and that of Mr. Petrescu has not been active since 2012.


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