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I was telling you recently about Romania’s commitments regarding the Open Government Partnership and about the fact that one of these commitments refers to facilitating the administration to open their data for the public. On the data.gov.ro portal you can find more than 100 data sets of information in an open format already provided by institutions, be they ministries, agencies or other authorities. As I attended the first meeting of the OGP Club, I found out from one of the participants about a very interesting initiative – a hackathon which aims to show the benefits of using open data. The goal – to encourage public institutions to continue to publish their data.

Here are some details from the organizers:

To mark Open Data Day (February 22nd), the Coalition for Open Data with the support of the Department for Online Services and Design will organize between 22-23 February (over the weekend) the first hackathon in Romania which aims to reuse the governmental data available on the data.gov.ro portal. Programmers, journalists, activists, onliners and others interested will work together over 2 days to develop visually-friendly and public-oriented applications. The hackathon will take place at the location of the Soros Foundation (33, Bastiliei Street, Bucharest)

How this works:

  • All those interested should either propose new projects or join those already set forth
  • The teams will work together over 2 days to implement the ideas. It is very useful that the teams include programmers as well as potential users (i.e. journalists, activists etc)
  • If need be, work may be continued over the next week until the app is finalized
  • The apps are uploaded on to one of the organizers websites and will benefit from an open license (meaning that they will be available for reuse and improvement)

Those interested in participating need to enroll online here by either proposing a new project or by joining one of the projects submitted already on the event’s website.

You can find more information about the hackathon on datedeschise.ro

This is not the first hackath organized in Romania nor is it the first time a Romanian participated in such an event. In 2011, another Romanian project was amongst the winners of the  Open Data Challenge organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation and Open Forum Academy. The eMap is an app, developed by the geo-spatial.org community,  collects thousands of old historical ego-referenced maps.

If you have questions about participating in the hackathon or about the ideas that need to be submitted, please drop me an email @ hanganu.andreea@gmail.com. I’ll get in touch with the organizers and try to offer an answer as soon as possible.

Good luck to the participants, see you there!

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